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I am a geospatial analyst passionate about advancements in GIS and remote sensing to understand the changing physical world due to climate change, sea-level rise and human influence. This website contains a selection of projects, tools and maps that I have developed over the years.Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions.

Have questions about the plugins or GIS and remote sensing workflows? Please do not hesitate to contact for a consultation.

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I have developed a number of different open-source plugins designed to analyse geospatial information for geoscientists.

Geometric Attributes - Tools to characterize the length, width and adjacency of objects to one another for river morphology, ecological analysis and much more.NetworkGT - Creating specialised tools to characterize the geometry and topology of fracture networks for improved geothermal, groundwater and CO2 storage assessment.SEDucate - Creating tailored sedimentary log exercises for an active learning environment.


This page contains a small sample of interactive maps that I have created or collaborated on in my research.

Global Channel Belt

Global Island Explorer

Plastic Pollution in rivers



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Mapping sedimentary environments based on earth observations for ecosystem accounting and landscape evolution.


Understanding the transport and storage of plastics in sedimentary environments over different timescale and by different mechanisms is vital for mitigation.


Historical and future coastal change provide insights into coastal inundation and risk assessments.


Knowledge of the permanent and seasonal change in rivers and lakes help to improve water resource management.


Rivers erode, transport and store sediments from source to sink to shape our landscapes. Knowledge of river behavior can help in flood risk mitigation, ecosystem conservation, and freshwater resource management.


Fractures rarely occur individually, but rather as a network of interconnected fractures. Improved characterization and mapping of fracture networks aid in geothermal exploration, CO2 sequenstration and groundwater management.


Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding questions, collaborations or consultancy.


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